Toning Your Legs Faster with Better Sleep

High quality sleep is one of the most underrated tools for maximizing leg toning capabilities.

The simple truth here is that if you cannot consistently get high quality sleep being able to tone and sculpt your legs is going to be extremely difficult.

The problem is that sleep affects so many different systems in your body. You’ll notice a decrease in your metabolic rate, a decrease in the amount of power you can produce, a decrease in the amount of fat burning hormones you produce, a decrease in your mental well-being and an increase in insulin resistance which is extremely damaging.

So to avoid all these nasty side effects and to really push the limit in terms of leg toning speed I am going to recommend you implement some very simple strategies.

Here they are:

– Time your meals appropriately. Avoid extremely large meals as the day progresses because eating a significant amount of food right before going to bed will crank up your core temperature.

– Have caffeine in moderation. Consuming large amounts of caffeine during the day can fragment your sleep even if you are not consciously aware of it. You will wake up multiple times per night but you will not remember these awakenings. So try to limit your intake of caffeine so that you can get the best sleep.

– Do the majority of your exercise in the morning. Exercising in the morning will not only maximize your insulin sensitivity as the day progresses, but will also crank up your metabolism and make it easier to fall sleep at night. There are so many benefits to doing exercise earlier in the day that I strongly recommend taking action on this tip.

– Have melatonin when you need it. Having a little melatonin here and there can go a long ways if you have been traveling or if you’re having a hard time going to sleep. Just remember to avoid any type of dependency on the supplement.

– Avoid thinking about things right before bed. Having all those thoughts floating around in your head is a recipe for disaster in terms of getting good sleep. One easy way to avoid this is to simply write down all those thoughts so you can excuse yourself from having to deal with them at the moment.

– Consistently wake up at the same time. The simple act of waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day will provide you with massive dividends in terms of high quality sleep. So try to avoid crazy sleep wake schedules.

Sleep is extremely underrated when it comes to losing leg fat and toning up those legs. It is the one-time your body can regenerate itself and really boost your metabolic rate. So I strongly recommend that you get the best sleep you possibly can.

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