Stabilizers Versus Movers: Keeping Your Core Strong so You Can Do the Best Leg Workouts

There are two different groups of muscles within your core, stabilizers and movers. Now once you start getting into more advanced and challenging leg workouts it is imperative that your core remains as strong as possible.

With a week core you are going to be forced to put your lower back and other structures at risk once you start doing high intensity lower body workouts.

Now the problem here is that your stabilizing muscles are the most important ones but you cannot see them. On the other hand, movement muscles are the ones you can see – like your sixpack abs – and because of this they usually receive more attention.

But if you fail to properly work your stabilizing muscles you will put yourself at risk and even worse, doing challenging movements will feel more difficult than needed.

So I do recommend that at the very least you focus on doing a couple stabilizing movements twice per week.

Some excellent stabilizing movements include planks, bird dogs and stability ball work.

Common movement exercises include your standard crunches, leg raises and other variations.

Now if you have pre-existing back pain you’ll have to make sure that you slowly progress your abdominal workouts so you do not end up aggravating the issue.

Whenever you do any type of core work and you feel pain in your lower back it means that your core muscles are no longer absorbing force and instead your lower back muscles are doing the work.

And once this shift happens you increase the degeneration of your lower back.

So always strive to gradually increase the amount of work and load being placed on your core so you can keep on doing challenging leg workouts.

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