Is Melatonin the Secret to Getting Skinny Legs?

Not really, unless you are suffering from fragmented and light sleep.

Now if you are suffering from fragmented sleep this can have a significant impact on the total amount of thigh fat you can lose. And the only way to get skinny legs is by losing thigh fat.

Now you may be wondering why sleep is so important…

Well, without going into too much detail not only will sleep have a direct impact on the amount of fat your body is burning around-the-clock, but it will also have a direct impact on the intensity of your exercise sessions.

Now there are going to be certain times where it is almost impossible to get high quality sleep because of jet lag or other unexpected situations.

And this is where melatonin can makes a significant difference in the quality of your sleep.

The key here is to not simply take a very large amount of melatonin every single night so you can fall sleep. Instead, you need to take the bare minimum amount of melatonin necessary for the bare minimum amount of time in order to establish a regular sleeping schedule.

Because your primary goal here is going to be the establishment of your regular routine which will enhance your sleep quality more so than anything else. You should simply see melatonin as a tool to help you establish this pattern.

If you simply take melatonin every single night you are more likely to become dependent on it which is exactly what you do not want.

Now there are four main ways to manage your levels of melatonin:

  • Get some natural sunshine or use a light box right when you wake up.
  • Avoid any light a couple hours before going to bed.
  • Wake up at the same time every day.
  • Supplement with one to three grams of melatonin before going to bed.

As you can see, light plays a significant impact in terms of the total amount of melatonin your body is producing. This is one of the reasons why working in an office all day, for example, can interrupt your ability to get high quality sleep.

So if you think you’re not getting high quality sleep melatonin it is one thing that can help you reestablish that regular sleeping pattern which in turn will make it easier to get skinny legs.

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