Increasing Testosterone: the Best Way to Lose Thigh Fat

You have been training hard, you have been eating right you have been getting a lot of sleep, but you notice that your levels of energy are not very high and your fat loss is coming to a slow crawl.

What is causing this?

Well, one common culprit is low levels of testosterone. Testosterone is a very important hormone for maximizing the fat burning process throughout your body and within your thighs.

So if you have low levels of testosterone it will become very difficult for you to achieve the maximum rate of fat loss.

And not only will testosterone allow you to burn more fat, but it will also allow you to retain your lean muscle mass, increase your mental well-being and will also reduce the amount of cortisol you are producing.

And do not forget that cortisol is a hormone that will drastically reduce the amount of lean muscle tissue you can retain. This in turn, will shut down the fat burning process in your body because your metabolism will come to a screeching halt.

Basically, you want to retain the largest amount of lean muscle tissue you can when you are really trying to crank up your fat burning rate.

So what can you do to increase your levels of testosterone?

Here are some very simple things you can do right now to get your body in maximum fat burning testosterone mode:

– Increase the total amount of exercise you are doing per workout. The more exercise you do in each one of your workouts the more testosterone you will produce. But you have to be really careful here because the key is to make sure that you do not exercise for more than forty-five minutes or one hour.

– Do not skimp on dietary fat. If you are not consuming a sufficient amount of dietary fat the amount testosterone your body can produce will automatically go down. It is simply not feasible to maximize testosterone production if your body does not have the digested components of fat.

– Try to increase your output of catecholamines. Now I only recommend doing this right before you begin your workout, because if you increase your catecholamines before going to bed, for example, you’ll not be able to get high quality sleep. The easiest way to achieve this is to simply have a little caffeine before your workout.

– Avoid large amounts of dietary sugar. Not only does dietary sugar make you gain weight, but it also decreases your output of testosterone. In fact, having high amounts of dietary sugar will decrease your output of many other hormones as well.

– Strive to get extremely high quality sleep. Most of your testosterone gets secreted a couple hours before you wake up and because of this it is critical that you do not get fragmented sleep. Do everything in your power to guard your sleep schedule.

– Avoid excessive amounts of stress. The number one killer of testosterone production is extremely high levels of stress. Now a little stress here and there that is time contained is not bad for you. But what you really want to avoid is chronic, unrelenting stress.

By implementing these tips you will be able to increase your levels of testosterone so that you can lose your thigh fat at a faster rate.

Just make sure you don’t think about this too much and start taking action.

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