The Number One Thing That Destroys Leg Toning Dreams: Poor Posture

Poor posture not only makes you look less attractive, but also prevents you from doing the types of exercises that are absolutely critical for maximum leg toning.

If you’re not doing the most challenging exercises that target the largest amount of muscle mass, you will never be able to lose a large amount of leg fat.

If you’re serious about losing all that leg fat so you can finally get skinny legs you have to make sure that you are focusing on the most challenging exercises for your body.

But there is a catch…

The most challenging exercises are also the most risky because you have to put your body through a lot of different planes of motion. And if your posture isn’t aligned this is going to present some significant challenges.

And in the worst case scenario, going through these types of exercises with poor posture can actually damage a joint or tendon which is not good.

A single injury of this nature can sideline you for months on end and completely reverse all of your hard work.

So let’s go over some simple things you can do to preserve your posture:

– Do not let your shoulders slouch forward. Once your shoulders start to slouch forward there is going to be an increased load on your lower back. Over time, this load will slowly degenerate your discs and will make it very difficult to do excellent movements like squats or lunges.

– Avoid using shoes with a lot of rise in the heels. Shoes with a lot of rise in their heels are not made for circuit training or high intensity weightlifting. The only time you should be using these types of shoes is if you’re going to be doing a large amount of running, but try to use flat soled shoes if you’re going to do a significant amount of weightlifting.

– Do not sit down all day. Not only does sitting down drastically reduce the amount of calories you’re burning, but it also tightens all those muscles in your posterior chain which makes it nearly impossible to maintain proper posture. Even worse, if you try to do a lunch with a tight posterior chain your upper body is going to come crashing forward.

– Try to alternate between a regular desk and a standing desk. If you can, try to use a standing desk as much as possible because this will eliminate the majority of issues related to poor posture. It is infinitely easier to prevent posterior chain tightness and forward slouching shoulders if you’re working from the standing position.

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