3 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Leg Toning Cardio Routine

As with most things in life, too much of something can actually backfire on you. And cardio is no exception to this rule.

If you do too much cardio you will end up decreasing your ability to get toned legs, but if you do too little cardio you won’t burn enough calories and this can set you back as well.

So if you want to lose all that thigh fat and get sexy and sculpted legs you have to optimize your cardio routine.

Now it is possible to not do any cardio whatsoever and simply rely on resistance training and diet alone, but if you really need to boost the speed of your results then cardio can help you significantly.

The problem here is that a lot of women make a significant amount of mistakes when implementing their leg toning cardio routine.

So here are three mistakes you need to avoid when implementing your cardio program:

– Not doing enough variety: doing the same type of cardio over and over again will not only reduce your caloric burn, but it will also put you at risk for a micro injury. You need to avoid repetitively stressing and straining the same tissues over and over again if you want to get results.

– Doing the same intensity day in and day out: if you do the same intensity of cardio all the time you will adapt and you will stop burning calories, you will hit a plateau. Even worse, if you only focus on high intensity cardio like a lot of experts recommend, you could end up suffering from over training. You need to mix up the intensities of your cardio sessions so that you can recover appropriately from your high intensity resistance training. High intensity cardio all the time is not necessarily the best approach.

– Only focusing on running: running is perhaps the one type of cardio that will burn an extremely large amount of calories, but burning large amounts of calories is not always going to be the best approach. Because running also places a significant amount of damage on your body. Additionally, running will mostly stress your lower body. Other types of cardio that focus on your upper body in addition to your lower body will be extremely beneficial.

And do not forget that managing the total duration of your cardio workouts is also very important if you want to reduce the amount of stress hormones your body is secreting.

You want to stay away from any type of cardio that goes beyond the 45 min. mark and try to really not go beyond the 60 min. mark. Once your cardio sessions last this long you’re going to secrete a large amount of cortisol and your metabolism will slow down.

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