Losing Fat on Your Thighs with Insulin Management

Insulin can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It really is up to you in terms of what this hormone is going to do to your body.

And if you’re really trying to lose fat on your thighs you’re going to have to make sure that your levels of insulin are not out of control.

Because the reality here is that out-of-control levels of insulin will always make it nearly impossible to keep on losing significant amounts of thigh fat. So the first step here is to really structure your program in such a way that your levels of insulin are not going to become a significant issue.

So what exactly does insulin do in your body?

Its primary purpose is to drive units of glucose or sugar into your cells where they can be oxidized as energy.

The problem here is that insulin has a nasty side effect which shuts off the activity of glucagon, your primary fat burning hormone.

So any time your insulin goes up your glucagon will go down and fat burning will stop.

However, it is simply not possible to survive with no insulin whatsoever. You would simply die because you wouldn’t be able to drive that energy producing glucose into your cells.

So the ultimate strategy is to make sure that you’re secreting the minimal amount of insulin possible in order to have an acceptable level of energy while simultaneously not down regulating that fat burning process.

So let us go over some simple strategies to achieve this critical balance:

– Make sure you eat breakfast within twenty minutes after waking up. Multiple studies have shown that skipping breakfast will negatively alter your levels of insulin throughout the entire day no matter how healthy you eat thereafter. Breakfast has a significant impact on your body’s ability to tolerate insulin for the entire day so do not skip breakfast no matter what.

– Try to achieve balance in all of your meals. Having extremely unbalanced meals will drive up your digestion rate which in turn will crank up insulin production. By achieving balance – including protein, vegetables, fats and carbs in all your meals – you will be able to really slow down your rates of digestion.

– Avoid extremely large meals. Having extremely large meals is very damaging if you’re trying to reduce insulin production. Even if your meal is very healthy, once it goes past the four hundred or five hundred calorie mark it is going to create a significant insulin response.

– Avoid unstable sleeping patterns. A lot of different hormones and a lot of different systems get reset when you are sleeping. If you do not get a lot of high quality sleep research has shown that insulin production will go up.

Perhaps the easiest way to reduce your output of insulin is to simply avoid sugar, eat breakfast and don’t let your sleep schedule get out-of-control.

Do not try to focus onto many techniques at once and just try to change your overall strategy here so that you can continually mitigate your insulin output.

This will provide you with a significant increase in terms of the amount of fat you can lose off of your thighs so do not delay in implementing these tips.

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