How To Get Toned Legs FAST

how to get toned legsIf this tutorial I am going to show you how to get toned legs quickly. Because nothing is worse than having a pair of legs that you aren’t proud to show off.

You might feel so self conscious that you decide to hide your legs behind baggy clothing. Even worse, you might think twice before getting intimate with your significant other.

And what woman would not want a pair of sexy legs that she can flaunt?

But even if you don’t want to flaunt anything, having legs you are proud of will crank up your self esteem.

So how can you get toned legs fast? Well, you can’t follow a generic “fitness” program. You need a specialized program that will strip off lower body fat while simultaneously making your legs toned and compact.

Here’s how to accomplish this.

Spot Reduction Demystified

You actually can’t force your body to preferentially lose leg fat. All you can do is put your body in fat burning mode and wait until the leg fat comes off.

You see, each body will start to burn fat off of different areas first. For some women the fat will first come off of their face. For others, it will come off of their legs.

This means that simply doing leg exercises all day will not help. You have to put your body in the most aggressive fat burning environment possible and wait.

Now your fat burning program has to address these issues as well:

  1. High levels of estrogen
  2. Leg muscle tone
  3. Lower back stability
  4. Insulin load

Notice that you also have to focus on directly toning your legs. This will prevent them from looking flaccid once all the body fat comes off.

Sadly, women that simply lose a lot of weight without doing any exercise suffer this fate. They do get smaller, but they have that “skinny fat” look. They lose firmness and their curves tend to sag.

So what type of strategy can burn off body fat, tone your legs and address the other issues?

How To Get Toned Legs With Circuits

Don’t buy anymore gadgets: the best type of exercise for your legs is circuit training with weights. And you don’t need expensive equipment to do it.

Why not run on a treadmill all day?

Because one hour of circuit training can make your body burn extra calories for many days after. Cardio will never be able to do this.

And remember that fat loss is ultimately controlled by calories in versus calories out. Yes, other factors also play a role, but at the end of the day calories have the final say.

Additionally, circuit training – when done correctly – will also lower estrogen, decrease insulin load and keep your lower back healthy.

The key here is to make sure you exercise your upper body and your legs. This will allow you to get toned legs faster.

By simultaneously training your upper body and legs, you’ll burn more calories and secrete more fat burning hormones.

Yes, it’s counterintuitive to train your upper body so that your legs get toned – just trust me here!

Now for the best results you will want to do your total body circuits three times per week. And make sure you have at least one day of rest in between. Because circuit training burns so many calories and targets so much muscle, you need ample rest.

I recommend doing three exercises per circuit. Include an exercise for your pushing muscles (chest, shoulders), an exercise for your pulling muscles (back), and an exercise for your legs.

Complete all exercises in sequence without any rest in between. Once you have finished them you can rest. Do 3-4 circuits per workout and depending on fitness levels, you should do each circuit 3-4 times.

Nutrition Simplified

Ok, now that you are exercising a couple times per week it’s time to focus on nutrition.

Here’s the deal: it’s extremely easy to “out eat” large amounts of exercise.  So any effective leg toning program needs to focus on nutrition.

Otherwise, figuring out how to get toned legs will be virtually impossible.

Now your diet should have two primary goals. First, it needs to put you in a caloric deficit. Second, it needs to lower your levels of insulin.

The Caloric Deficit And Insulin

There are many ways to establish a caloric deficit. I recommend using the simplest approach that gives you the best results.

Stay away from weighing and measuring food. It’s not necessary and can make your relationship to food “complicated.” It can cause a wide variety of issues that you don’t have time for.

So instead of buying that digital scale, simply get a food journal. It can be physical or digital. This will help you keep track of portion sizes that you can later manipulate (increase or decrease) depending on how much progress you are making.

As a starting point, I would recommend assembling your meals with each of the following:

  1. Protein = one palm-sized portion
  2. Carbs = one palm-sized portion
  3. Fat = one tablespoon-sized portion
  4. Vegetables = cover half of your plate

If hunger becomes an issue increase protein first. If it persists, increase vegetable intake. If it still persists, increase carbohydrate and fat intake slowly.

You see, in comparison to the other food groups, protein has the biggest impact on your levels of hunger. And it also has the highest thermogenic effect – it burns more calories during digestion.

In other words, it reduces hunger and burns more calories. So always increase protein intake first.

This is the best strategy to get toned legs.

As an added bonus, having this balance between food groups will help lower your levels of insulin as well. Each food group – protein, carbs, fat and vegetables – works together to slow down digestion. Leave any one out of the equation and there will be negative consequences.

Just make sure your sources of carbs are slow digesting. They should be high in fiber and low in simple sugars. By far, the slowest digesting carbs are beans and legumes.

So eat whole grains sparingly and opt for beans and legumes as much as possible.

Disclaimer: beans and legumes have extraordinarily high amounts of fiber. So add them into your diet piecemeal. Otherwise, your digestive tract will have a very difficult time adjusting.

Now there is one more thing you can do to further accelerate your results: supplement your diet with caffeine. It will help you tolerate more aggressive caloric deficits.

You can have it in natural form (green tea, coffee, yerba mate) or in supplement form (tablets).

Just make sure you take it earlier in the day so that it doesn’t interfere with sleep. Because once sleep gets interrupted leg toning slows to a crawl.

And never go over 300mg per day. At this level you can remain perpetually dehydrated.

Parting Thoughts On How To Get Toned Legs

There are a lot of programs and “treatments” on the market that promise toned legs with zero effort. You can even have plastic surgery…

But none of these solutions attack the root of the problem – too much fat, and too little toned muscle.

Even plastic surgeons can’t guarantee that the leg fat won’t come back.

So instead of bouncing from one solution to another, take charge of your body.

If you want to get toned legs once and for all, all you have to do now is take rapid action.

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