How To Get Skinny Legs FAST

how to get skinny legsLearning how to get skinny legs does not have to be difficult or expensive. You can fit back into your “high school skinny” jeans if you follow the right exercise and diet plan.

You will no longer have to hide your legs behind skirt swimsuits or baggy clothes with the advice you are about to learn.

Just keep in mind that if you really want to get skinny legs you have to put forth some effort. You can’t simply pop some pills every day and expect to get results.

So let me show you how to get started.

Skinny Legs Or Flaccid Legs?

Your goal shouldn’t be to get skinnier legs, it should be to get skinnier and toned legs. Because getting skinny legs is easy.

Simply stop eating carbohydrates and run on the treadmill all day. Here’s the key take away, however: skinnier legs don’t always look better.

You see, if you simply lose a lot of weight and neglect muscle tone you could end up with the infamous “skinny fat” look.

This happens when you have a high ratio of fat to muscle even though you are small.

So your goal will be to make your legs as skinny as possible while simultaneously toning and tightening them.

This approach will make your legs slim, sculpted and skinny. The perfect combination for maximum sexiness.

Things That Make Legs Not Skinny

Unfortunately, as women we are genetically predisposed to gain more fat in the upper thigh area. And this can make getting skinny legs a bit of a challenge.

The good news, though, is that fat on your legs is not unique. It’s just like fat on other areas of your body – it can be burned off for good.

And remember that even if you have a strong genetic predisposition for gaining thigh fat, your environment still has to trigger your genes. This means that genetics do not determine your destiny. You can change the way your legs look.

So what gets in the way of skinny legs? Here are the main issues:

  1. Too much estrogen and not enough testosterone
  2. Excess fat stores
  3. A lack of lean muscle tissue
  4. Chronically elevated blood sugar
  5. Poor exercise programming

I am going to show you how to address all of these.

Calorie Mumbo Jumbo

If you are serious about figuring out how to get skinny legs you have to burn more calories than you eat. There is no way to avoid this.

Ignore all the experts who claim that calories don’t matter. That it’s all about hormones and eating the right foods. They are wrong.

Calories in versus calories out will determine how much body fat you can lose. Yes, hormones and quality of food are important, but they aren’t the bottom line.

So you are going to have to eat less calories here. Eating less calories, however, does not mean you will have to eat less food.

In fact, if you diet correctly you can end up eating more food while eating less calories.


It shouldn’t be because remember that there are plenty of foods with little caloric content but high volume. And vice versa.

The key here is to weak your diet so that you end up eating less calories while not feeling hungry.

The Perfect Diet For Skinny Legs

So what type of diet allows you to eat less calories while not feeling hungry? A balanced diet.

Try to keep all of your meals balanced between the following food groups: protein, vegetables, carbohydrates and fat.

Take any one of these out of the equation and your results will be compromised. A diet low in fat, for example, will reduce your levels of testosterone – a fat burning hormone.

But eating healthy, balanced meals is not enough. You also have to make sure you are actually in a caloric deficit. To do this, you will need to keep a log of what you eat. But you don’t have to keep it forever – only until you figure out what amount of food puts you in a caloric deficit.

Once you know how much food you can eat, stop maintaining the log.

Alternatively, if you can successfully eyeball portion sizes then forget about the log. Few women, however, can do this. So be careful…

What To Do If You Needed To Get Skinny Legs Yesterday

You have a pool party tomorrow and you needed skinny legs yesterday. What can you do?

Well, you can’t get skinny legs overnight, but you can accelerate your progress with some dietary trickery.

Recall that elevated levels of blood sugar can prevent you from getting skinnier legs. So anything that lowers your blood sugar will speed up the process.

And the number one type of food that has the biggest impact on your blood sugar is carbohydrates.

Even the smallest dose of fast digesting carbohydrates can completely shut down fat burning in your lower body. So should you simply cut out carbohydrates from your diet?


Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Cut out carbs from your diet and your body will enter ketosis – a state in which your brain runs off of an alternative fuel source, ketones.

And there are many negative side effects with ketosis: your breath becomes metallic, you excrete more calcium than usual, exercise becomes extremely painful, fat burning hormone production slows down and life becomes miserable because carbohydrates are used to make “feel good” hormones in your brain.

Now there is a way to drastically reduce carb intake while not entering ketosis: by cycling them in and out of your diet.

As long as you have some carbohydrates every couple of days, your body will not enter ketosis and you won’t feel deprived either.

This technique is actually really simple. Have less carbs on the days you don’t exercise, and more carbs on the days you do.

Here is a sample schedule:

Day 1: exercise + carbs
Day 2: no exercise + less carbs
Day 3: exercise + carbs
Day 4: no exercise + less carbs
Day 5: exercise + carbs
Day 6: no exercise + less carbs
Day 7: no exercise + less carbs

Disclaimer: I do not recommend rotating your carbohydrate intake if you have little experience dieting or if you are just starting out.

Doing too much too soon can backfire on you. I would suggest first focusing on cleaning up your diet, eating balanced meals and entering a caloric deficit. Then, you can move onto carbohydrate rotation.

How To Get Skinny Legs Fast Without Treadmills

You do not need to run all day in order to get skinny legs – this is the last thing you should be doing.

A better approach is to use resistance training as a caloric torch. You see, resistance training is the only type of exercise that can have you burning extra calories for days and days after your workout.

Granted, you have to put forth a lot of effort to get this effect, but doesn’t it make sense to bust your butt for one hour so that you burn extra calories (and leg fat) for days after?

You have to be careful, though. Because following a body building type of routine will do you no good here. You need to do a bunch of total body circuits that are sprinkled with specialized exercises for your legs.

What do I mean by specialized exercises? Exercises that not only work your major muscles, but also tone all the smaller muscles. Muscles that generic exercises do not tone very well.

To do this, you need to incorporate a lot of stability exercises in your routine.

Otherwise, you could up losing a lot of weight only to notice that your skinnier legs have a loose and wobbly appearance.

In a nutshell, your goal is to lose as much leg fat as possible while simultaneously firming up all the underlying muscle.

This is the path to legs that are skinnier and look better.

Exercise Specifics

You need to do 2-3 total body workouts per week and rest about 1-2 days in between each workout. And remember that rest is very important here – it’s when the majority of changes take place.

Also, never exercise and an empty stomach. Doing so will not only make exercise painful, but it will reduce the amount of calories you burn.

So try to have a small snack (a couple hundred calories) with medium/slow digesting carbohydrates before your workouts.

Now if you can commit to more than 3 workouts per week, start adding cardio sessions to your routine.

Just make sure they are no longer than 45 minutes, never do one right before a total body workout and never do more than 5 sessions per week.

Parting Thoughts On How To Get Skinny Legs

No woman likes to have “thunder thighs” that prevent her from wearing what she wants. You see, life is too short to have to hide behind loose and baggy clothes.

So take charge of your legs by acting on the information in this guide. Don’t wait for motivation to hit you, just get moving.

Remember, you can fit back into that old pair of jeans from high school. All you have to do is start moving.

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