How Sugar Can Help You Get Toned Legs Faster

Not all sugar is created equal. Different types of sugar have different effects within your body.

Surprisingly, sugar can actually help you get toned legs a lot faster if you know when to take it and how to take it.

There are different times of the day when your body will actually absorb sugar a lot more efficiently which in turn can help you decrease stress hormones within your body and jumpstart the recovery process.

Now the best time to take sugar is immediately after your intense leg workouts so that all your damaged muscle can absorb it and regenerate its stores of glycogen.

Glycogen is the stored form of sugar or carbohydrate within your muscles. Your muscles use glycogen any time they have to perform a large amount of work or produce a large amount of strength.

In this case, you will be using a large amount of glycogen from your lower body when you’re doing all of your high intensity leg workouts.

So if you want to get toned legs you have to make sure that you are completely replenishing your stores of glycogen after your intense training.

Now the problem here is that your lower body muscles will only be receptive to sugar for a very short period of time after your workouts. So you have to make sure that you take your sugar immediately after your training so that it goes to your exercise muscles and not your fat cells.

So you really need to make sure that you have some dextrose, the simplest sugar, within 20 min. after your training session.

You do not have to get really fancy here, just have about 50 g of dextrose with water 20 min. after your exercise session. And for better results try to mix in some fast digesting whey protein with your dextrose.

There is no need to buy extremely expensive supplements or purchase formulations with additional ingredients and fillers. All you need is basic dextrose and basic whey protein.

Now I would also like to talk about how reducing your stress hormones is equally important after your training. Immediately after an intense workout session your body is going to secrete a large amount of stress hormones like cortisol. And because cortisol does burn through lean muscle tissue and makes you store more fat, it is in your best interest to reverse this as quickly as possible.

So not only will sugar help you recover faster after your workout, but it will also drive down your output of cortisol.

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