How Restaurants Can Make Your Thighs Huge and What You Can Do about It

It is almost impossible to lead a normal social life while not eating at restaurants.

Going out and eating on a frequent basis is simply part of our social fabric. The problem here is that eating at restaurants is going to increase your intake of calories and is also going to increase the total amount of fat accumulating chemicals entering your body.

The bottom line is that unless you have a proper framework in place beforehand, eating at restaurants on a frequent basis can single-handedly make you accumulate exorbitant amounts of thigh fat.

So let me show you some simple strategies that will help you reduce the negative impact:

– Say no to the bread basket: having a significant amount of bread right before you begin your main course is the number one way that will make you gain massive amounts of weight. Not only will the bread make your insulin spike, but it will also have a large amount of calories.

– Drink copious amounts of water: drinking large amounts of water is extremely effective to flush out all that sodium that will leave you bloated, and it will also reduce your levels of hunger.

– Stay away from fatty cuts of meat: having extremely fat cuts of meat may taste good, but it will flood your body with large amounts of calories and saturated fat. To make matters worse, remember that saturated fat will make it harder for your active tissues to absorb those calories.

– Do not have any type of deep fried platter: deep fried food is going to be your number one enemy here because it will have a lot of calories and will also have a significant amount of heat treated oils.

– Try to eat healthy salads: just be really careful because a lot of those salads will have a significant amount of calories once you start adding the dressing, the toppings and the cheeses. So if you’re going to have a salad pick a healthy dressing and avoid excessive amounts of toppings.

– Do not eat the entire meal: a single restaurant meal can have an entire day’s worth of calories. It is not necessary for you to consume so many calories in one sitting. Simply take half of your meal to go before you even start eating it.

– Try to focus on carbonated drinks that do not have calories: if you do not want to drink water during your meal and simply try to drink a large amount of carbonated water that has calorie free flavoring.

– Never show up at a restaurant with extreme levels of hunger: if you are extremely hungry when you show up at the restaurant you’re going to overeat. Once hunger takes over it is very difficult to control the total amount of food you eat.

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