You Cannot Get Toned Legs Because There Are Not Enough Amino Acids in Your System

Your body uses amino acids to repair itself after your intense leg toning workouts. And because intense leg workouts break down a significant amount of muscle mass you have to make sure that you have enough amino acids in order to recover.

Now the problem here is that the female body does not have a stable reserve of amino acids. After 2 to 3 hours within the starved state your body will start to breakdown your lean muscle tissue in order to obtain amino acids.

But remember that your lean muscle tissue is responsible for burning an extremely large amount of calories.

So you have to avoid this to get the best results.

Optimally, you should eat a lean source of protein every couple of hours to prevent your body from tapping into your lean muscle tissue.

But this is not realistic for most women and this is where supplements can help you get by.

So if you do not have the ability to eat lean protein every couple of hours in a balanced meal, you will have to start supplementing with a slow digesting source of protein.

Now there are a lot of different supplements on the market, but if you really want to get the slowest digestion rate I do recommend focusing on casein protein.

You can also look into blends of protein, but just make sure that you’re not taking whey protein during the day. Whey protein digests too quickly and you will be better off having slower digesting products.

Also, you could make your own protein shakes with a combination of liquid egg whites and other natural ingredients. So if you would like to go this route by all means go ahead, but just remember that this will require a larger investment of time.

If you do not have time to do this, then simply rely on dietary supplements to prevent your body from burning through all of your calorie burning tissue.

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