If only it were as simple as doing a large amount of cardio every single day in order to get sculpted and sexy looking legs.

But the truth of the matter is that the female body is extremely complex and if you use such a one-dimensional approach you’ll never get sexy legs.

You see, the only way to get the sexiest and the most toned legs possible is by activating all your different types of muscle fibers.

And the only way to accomplish this is by doing a wide variety of exercises.

The issue here is that the female body has three major types of muscle fibers and each one of them responds to a different type of exercise.

Here is a brief rundown of the different types of muscle fibers in your body:

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As with most things in life, too much of something can actually backfire on you. And cardio is no exception to this rule.

If you do too much cardio you will end up decreasing your ability to get toned legs, but if you do too little cardio you won’t burn enough calories and this can set you back as well.

So if you want to lose all that thigh fat and get sexy and sculpted legs you have to optimize your cardio routine.

Now it is possible to not do any cardio whatsoever and simply rely on resistance training and diet alone, but if you really need to boost the speed of your results then cardio can help you significantly.

The problem here is that a lot of women make a significant amount of mistakes when implementing their leg toning cardio routine.

So here are three mistakes you need to avoid when implementing your cardio program:

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Resistance training is the King of exercise modalities in terms of manipulating the shape and contour of your body. If you want to lose thigh fat and get toned legs you have to do a significant amount of resistance training.

Now if you simply want to have smaller legs and don’t care about whether or not they look toned, then you can do a massive amount of cardio and restrict your caloric intake.

But if you want sexy, sculpted and toned legs you have to do a substantial amount of resistance training.

Actually, you do not have to do a substantial amount but you do have to focus on short but intense workouts a couple times per week.

In fact, you can get by with two 45 min. workouts per week but you really have to push yourself.

Now the tricky thing about resistance training is that every woman will have to start with a different type of modality.

So here are four different types of resistance training that you could potentially implement:

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