3 Simple Ways to Increase Antioxidant Load for Better Leg Toning

Antioxidants are not just for women that are looking to increase health and longevity. They can also help you recover a lot faster after your intense leg sculpting workouts.

But why is fast recovery so important after your leg sculpting workouts?

Because faster recovery will decrease the production of damaging stress hormones, and will also maximize your ability to exercise with a higher frequency.

And the more frequent you exercise, the more calories you burn.

Because at the end of the day your ability to get toned legs and lose all that thigh fat is going to depend upon the total amount of calories you are burning.

It is simply not realistic to lose a large amount of thigh fat if you are in a positive caloric balance.

So here are three simple things that will help you maximize your antioxidant load:

– Loose leaf teas: loose leaf teas like yerba maté, green tea and peppermint tea have a very large amount of antioxidants and they also have a significant amount of caffeine. And unlike other sources of caffeine, loose leaf teas will give you a moderate rise in energy.

– A multivitamin and mineral: it is very difficult to get all the nutrients you need with diet alone unless you’re willing to preplan and prepare every single meal you’re going to eat. A more realistic approach is to simply have a basic multivitamin and mineral to cover all of your nutritional bases.

– Omega three fatty acids: optimally you want to get all of your omega three fatty acids from wild fish and wild seafood. But if you do not like the smell of cooked fish within your house or if you simply do not have access to seafood then you will be better off by taking a natural supplement. Omega three fatty acid have a very large amount of antioxidants and they also help your body recover faster after intense training.

Now in addition to taking the above nutrients you also need to make sure that you are eating a significant amount of vegetables in all of your meals.

I don’t want you to become dependent on supplements so make sure that you are continually refining your overall dietary strategy so that you can get the best leg toning results.

Remember that the female body does absorb nutrients from natural foods a lot better than from supplements.

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